Are you a Soul-centred change agent, light-worker, coach, energy healer or health & fitness leader?

Do you have a gift for helping others create change and are passionate about getting your message out to the world?

Do you sense that there is so much more you can do to empower women on this planet, if only you had the tools and strategies to create the greatest reach?

Are you frustrated by the pace of technology and feel you can’t keep up and will be left behind without making the impact you know you are destined for?

As the founder of Smart Healthy Women Magazine I am privileged to work with hundreds of women who are eager to make a positive change in the world and get to see the amazing agents of change they are for their clients.

And yet I also see them struggle – they are not getting their message out into the world so they can make the difference they are so passionately driven to make.

At some point many of these amazing women will give up in frustration after trying time and time again unsuccessfully to reach the very women who need them most. They have expended all their time, energy and resources yet have very little, if any, success. They are worn out with trying.

But what can be done? Where to even start when you have done everything in your power to reach your ideal clients and are at your wit’s end?

Basically it comes down to two main roadblocks that I see many of you struggle with – selling and technology.

You may have convinced yourself that you can’t sell, it’s icky and it’s not you.

There’s two reasons why you find it icky:

  1. You’re hiding your passion (or you haven’t found what lights you up in your work)
  2. You’re talking to the wrong people

When you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, your clients know it.

Does your face light up when you talk about your change work? Are people drawn in to your presence when you are authentically expressing who you are and what you do?

If you’re not completely passionate about what you do and if you can’t talk on the topic for days – no weeks! – and all the while be bubbling with enthusiasm for your topic, then you need to ask yourself if you’re settling for what you feel ‘should’ work or what you can ‘earn a living’ at. Be brutally honest – take the passion test!

If the thought of spending every day of your working life in the field you have chosen lights you up so you are incandescent, then congratulations! You’re half way there.

And if your clients, followers and fans are also connected to your community in a lively way then you pretty much have it made.  If they’re not then you are talking to the wrong audience.

You may not know this, but you already have all the ingredients to create an incredible business of a soul-centred entrepreneur. Sure, you may not feel confident around the nuts and bolts of selling and technology. And that’s exactly why I created the SoulReach Program – it provides you with a simple recipe to find your soul tribe and all the tools you need to make the difference you’re destined to make.

And not only that, this program will provide practical help to ensure that you have a grasp on the technology that makes reaching your perfect client base completely achievable. And a ready-made platform to give you credibility and real presence. I have a real passion for technology and for assisting others to see the magic in it and an excitement to see you succeed.

Together we will move mountains.

Keep a lookout for my next article, where we’ll look at where you can find your very own people who will stick with you like glue and hang on your every word. I would be honoured if you decide to continue this journey with me.