In my last article I talked about why many Soul-centred entrepreneurs fail to get their message out to the very women who need them most.

If they could only articulate their message to the ears of those who could benefit from their gifts, then our world would have a brighter, happier and healthier outlook.

Perhaps you are one of these luminaries who just need to give yourself permission to shine?

The biggest part of fulfilling your purpose (apart from being infused with the belief that it is really your purpose) is finding the people whom you can connect with to assist them on their path towards wholeness, consciousness, health and vitality.

Of the seven billion plus people on our beautiful planet, approx. 35% of them are adult women – think about that! Obviously not all of these women are going to be your target audience or interested in what you can offer. But admit it – your view of the potential impact your work can make in the world just got a whole lot bigger!

One of the most effective ways – both cost-wise and targeting-wise – to connect with your ideal audience today just happens to be via social media.

Take Facebook for example. With over 864 million daily users on Facebook, you have a potential audience with just this one medium of over 300 million women.

And you may find a different social media platform such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Instagram work better for you. If you have been using any or all of these you would already have a good idea what works best for you. But you may not have fully grasped the opportunity with these platforms, an opportunity that will really catapult you into your potential to reach a wider and engaged audience.

Anyone can start a social media business page, but if you go about it the wrong way, you will see little if any results.

Social media is an ever-evolving beast, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do for us and more importantly, what it will allow us to do for others. That is the key, and where so many soul-preneurs fall over, become disillusioned and give up in frustration. By putting the focus on you and your message, you may forget sometimes to see if anyone is still awake.

It’s like walking in to an auditorium backwards while delivering a speech, giving it your all while not noticing that every single person is looking towards the stage and are completely unaware that you even exist. They can’t see you and they can’t hear you.

With the right strategies you will be able to make sure that your intended audience not only notices you but also trusts you; many will become lifelong fans and even friends.

It’s important to have a clear idea of who your ideal client or customer is. Some marketers refer to this as an avatar, a fictional person that you describe in detail, including their age, gender, location, job, income, family situation, hopes and fears, dreams and blocks. The more detail the better.

When I did this in m own business I always got stuck at this point in the process and felt like I was not really capturing the essence of my ideal client. It never felt authentic to me. So I put it off and kept putting it off.

And then an idea formed in my mind – I started with myself as my ideal client, and boy was that a breakthrough! I talk to myself (in my head!) all day long and have had many conversations where I grasped and struggled with ways to get ahead in my business. By taking notice of my self talk it was child’s play to define what I wanted most and also what I struggled with most.

Now I know I’m an individual (just like you!), and yet I also know that my hopes and my struggles are not isolated. If you start with the idea that your ideal client is you (or more likely, an earlier version of you) then you have got an amazing head start.

Now if you combine this knowledge with a willingness to stand up and connect with like-minded individuals via social media with a shared experience and a way forward, you are on the road to a fulfilling, incredible life that includes the ‘work’ that you do.

I can’t stress how important this process is to your amazing success.

It’s time for you to decide if you are on this journey for real or if it will become just another story in your book of life!

In my next email I will fill you in a little more about my seven week SoulReach program and how you can take even the most challenging parts of your practice and make them work for you.

Stay tuned because this program is launching on Sunday 21st December – and I can’t tell you how excited I am to begin!