Building Your Relationship with Money


Hi, my name's Jodi Reeves.

I'm an Author, Speaker, an Intuitive Personal Coach and Mentor.

I'm so excited that you've come to check out my course - Building Your Relationship with Money. I am passionate about helping people uncover, rediscover and reconnect with the incredible unique person that they are.

And as we go on that journey of reconnecting and rebuilding this sacred relationship with Self, I often find that money and our attitudes to money, our experience of money and yes, our relationship with money, comes up. So this is where this course was born.

Through my clients and my own personal journey and what I found worked for us. So in this course I will be delivering a range of videos, worksheets, some processes and activities that you can follow. A podcast which explains some of the processes and a specially designed meditation which will help you connect to your abundant centre.

I am really excited about where this journey will take you and I really hope that throughout this journey, throughout this course you will start to look at money differently, that you will start to react and interact with money on a whole different level.

I hope that you have some light bulb moments about "Ah, that's where that's come from. That's where I was held back. That's what I've been doing and thinking" and some other light bulb moments about how you can move forward from here to a far more prosperous future.

I'll be over in the Facebook group of the Academy if any of you need help or support. I'd also love to hear about your successes and your "Aha" moments. Let's celebrate with you. Let's share those in the group as well.

So I can't wait to see you at Module 1 and let's together build your relationship with money. I'll see you there.

Build Your Relationship with Money

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